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        About Us

        Quality first, customer first

        Shenzhen Hongsheng (HSGQ) Fiber Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd.

        Shenzhen HS fiber communication equipment CO.,LTD founded in 2007, is now one of China’s leading suppliers of networking and communication solutions. There are over 180 employees at HSGQ, with nearly 50 engaging in research and development of Broadband network products, and 80 engaging in marketing and customer service. HSGQ concerntrates on research and development in the field of broadband accessing and applications, to provide individual Broadband accessing products and network applications based on IP networks to our clients. HSGQ products include a series of PON systems, sfp transceivers, and VoIP.


        Quality first, customer first

        Learen Center

        Quality first, customer first

        40G/100G Ethernet: Virtualized Data Center and Campus Network

        Thetrendofvirtualizationisobviousandconsistent,whichisroot  more +

        Why The Data Center Needs AOC?

        Why The Data Center Needs AOC?  more +

        Analysis on Optical Transceivers in Data Centers

        Analysis on Optical Transceivers in Data Centers  more +


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